Overview of support received by  BENEŠ a LÁT a.s. during past years

Electromobility – Employee logistics in BENEŠ a LÁT a.s.

This project is aimed to support logistics of employees in BENEŠ a LÁT a.s., in the direction of home-work commute as well as transportation between branches within the CZ. Locations of realization are Mimoň, district Česká Lípa, Poříčany, district Kolín and Slaná u Semil, district Semily. Subject of this project is investment into infrastructure (each location is to be equipped with fast charger station) and obtaining 3 fully electric cars – two of them with capacity of 7 passengers and 1 with capacity of 5.

Realization of the project:  May 2017 to May 2019

Improvement of R&D capacities thru Additive manufacturing of metals

Goal of the project is to increase R&D department capabilities in the direction of additive design and 3D printing of metal alloys. Expected output is development of conformer cooling inserts for molds and forms. The other potential output is development of procedures and materials for hybrid printing.

The cooperation with Czech Academy of science and interdisciplinary cooperation with other industrial companies is expected.

The whole project contains investments into laboratory technology, such as computer tomography for internal structure testing, spectral analyzer for chemical composition testing, or SW investment ito SW supporting mathematical simulation of casting/cooling processes.

Realization of the project: August 2015 to June 2018

Education of employees at BENEŠ a LÁT a.s. – CZ.03.1.52/0.0/0.0/16_043/0004562

Project is focused to increase the level of knowledges and to bridge the differences between needs of the company and the skills  of employees

Based on the project, BENEŠ a LÁT a.s. can organize and run the internal educational program. According to the pre-project analysis there were found topics and groups of employees for best output of the whole project.

Goal of the project is increased knowledge of employees and their higher potential for future growth.

Subvention provider: MPSV ČR,

Sources:: ESF – OP Employment
People supported in the project: 139,
Number of attendants: 247,
Attendants over 54 years: 19

Realizatio: October 2017 to September 2019

Industrial and foundry academy – BENEŠ a LÁT CZ.1.04/1.1.04/B3.00167.

The goal of the project is to establish “Foundry academy BENEŠ a LÁT a.s.”,  which will be repeatedly and consistently provide information, knowledges and competence for employees of BENEŠ a LÁT.

In this project, there were supported more 120 colleagues,

Realization: January 2020n 2014 to  summer 2015

Practical competencies (POVEZ II) CZ.03.1.52/0.0/0.0/15_021/0000053

The aim of the project is to increase skills of employees at BENEŠ a LÁT and thru them increase our attractivity and competitiveness on the market.

Realization: December 2015 až November 2020