In harmony with people,
In harmony with technology

Why to work with us?

We are a purely Czech engineering company with 80 years long family tradition. There is a lot of work behind us, but there is still a long way to go and we are still moving forward. We are convinced that the heart of any successful company is people who share our values ​​and are trodden the way with us. Together, the goal is much easier to achieve.

And above all we are a good team and it is fun with us 😊.

Want to become a member of our family?

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I have been working for BENEŠ a LÁT since 03/2019. From very beginning I went through nearly all of positions in production department. As a first position was founder, then I worked as a set up operator, later as a technologist. After gaining experiences with production I was promoted to shift manager and currently I am working as a production manager. My career is an example of possibilities everyone can have in BENEŠ a LÁT. My colleagues and my managers are cooperative and interested if I raise any topic to be solved. I am happy I could have an influence on developing of position I was in. And all of experiences gained are priceless. I am able now to suggest improvement, and work on improving our processes. This is what keeps me feel satisfied and happy.

Jiří Morgese
Production manager

I have been working for Beneš and Lát since the company moved from Průhonice to Poříčany, it is more than 10 years. I appreciate the fact that the company allows me to do what I enjoy and that I can share my experience with younger colleagues. As a result of my demanding work I do, I attend a local elementary school every Tuesday for the fourth year, a workshop that the company reconstructed and equipped in 2015. I teach children to explore black craft and woodwork. I´m convinced and I believe, that it makes sense to focus on youth and future generations.

Luděk Melich
Head of central maintenance

I started working for Beneš and Lát while I was studying the university. In these days I have been a part of BaL Family for more than 3 years. I am a living example of how open opportunities employees have. In 3 years I became from partime job to the position in top management of the company. Where there is a will, there is a way in Beneš and Lát.

Klára Ivanišová
HR manager

I would like to thank Beneš and Lát for providing me excellent job and allowed me to greatly expand my work skills in the field of quality, which very positively motivate me to achieve maximum work performance. I appreciate the opportunity to combine employment with my family. All this is supported by a large family friendly environment in all departments of this company.

Šárka Oravová
Interoperative controller