3D Printing

Introduction of technology

3D printing is a new manufacturing technology to almost limitless design and possibilities compared to conventional manufacturing. By printing metallic materials, the possibilities are a bit greater. The prototype manufacturing of metal parts is normally a matter of days.

Anything what can be created in CAD programs, we are able to print. From complex surface design, to printing conformal cooling, to topologically optimized molds for high pressure die casting. The potential of 3D printing is in the ability to produce very complex shapes without the need for drawings. The advantage of additive manufacturing is the possibility of producing generated structures, with the aim of reducing the weight of the part.

Print at Beneš a Lát?

We have an EOS M290 DMLS printer, with working dimensions of 250x250x325mm, and we always print in a inert atmosphere. There are no reactions of metal particles with the air during the printing process.

We print from 20µm with the aim to highest quality, but we can also print by faster variants. This enables us to offer both the highest quality parts, but also cheaper alternatives by faster printing process.

We are able to evaluate each customer’s part individually. Including the ability to simulate the printing of specific parts.

We offer part optimization for additive technology, but also topology optimization of the part. Together with our subsidiary CARDAM, we are able to offer a comprehensive view of part processing and parts quality. With our partners, such as Czech Universities, but also the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, that we develop the most suitable process parameters for specific materials.

We are currently printing

Maraging steel 1.2709 (MS-1)
Ti6Al4V (Ti64)
Stainless steel 1.4548 (SS630), (17-4PH)
Inconel 718

We have extensive experience in printing bulky parts such as moulds parts and its repairs by 3D printing, but also small parts with a design touch. We always try to use the potential of additive technology and transfer the maximum possibilities to the customer’s product according to their requirements. The manufacturong of parts is a atter of days.

Sample products

Samples AlSi10Mg

Prototype part AlSi10Mg

Half of the nozzle

Nozzle cavity filled with lattice structure


Prototype part CuNi2

X-ray image of the inner channel

Topologically optimized mold for high pressure casting

New mold core with conformal channel

Samples CuNi2

Repaired mold slides

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