Quality and ecology


It’s not about the number of people you connect with, it’s about the quality of interaction.

Quality defines some kind of properties of a product, activity or process –  it is an answer to question “what is something like?” (It originate from Latine “Qualis?”) Similar as quantity answers the question “how much?” (Latine “Quantum?”).

Quality is based on the sensual recognition, while quantity is necessary to describe thru some measurements or counting. Based on this perspective, it is clear that Quality is higly dependent on abilities and judgements of th eobserver.

Therefore our company proudly undertakes evaluation of independent certification body to keep the quality on the state-of-the-art level not only in the scope of the product, but in the scope of the process as well.



The nature is important to us. All of BENEŠ and LÁT technologies therefore meet the most demanding environmental criteria.

  • All residual waters are being pre-processed and cleaned to the prescribed level of quality.
  • 75 % of material waste is re-used in the production process or in energetics.
  • Emissions are on the level of 1/100 of prescribed limits.
  • New facility in Poříčany is using all the residual heat from production for tempering the administrative building and to pre-heat domestic hot water.

Environmental policy of BENEŠ a LÁT is available here (in Czech).

Integrated prevention

Poříčany production plant is incorporated into Integrated Prevention System – this evaluation was issued in the year 2011.


All of our plants in BENEŠ and LÁT keep up with current quality standards.

IATF 16949:2016

  • Plant Z02 – CZ, EN
  • Plant Z03 – CZ, EN
  • Plant Z08 – CZ, EN
  • Plant Z10 – CZ, EN

ISO 9001:2015

  • Plant Z03 – CZ, EN

ISO 45001:2018

  • Plant Z02 – CZ, EN

ISO 14001:2015

  • Corporate – CZ, EN


  • RoHS declaration  – CZ, EN
  • REACH declaration – CZ, EN


  • AMSP – Family business – CZ
  • CZ Board of Quality – 2021 Award – CZ
  • Czech TOP 100 – Admired co. – CZ
  • ECOBAT – Environment impact – CZ
  • EKO-KOM – Responsible co. – CZ, EN
  • Innogy – Renewable energy – CZ, EN
  • OTE – Guarantee of origin 2020 – CZ, EN
  • OTE – Guarantee of origin 2021 – CZ, EN
  • OTE – Guarantee of origin 2022 – CZ, EN
  • Remobil – Social responsibility – CZ
  • SP ČR – Development of Region – CZ

The certification was performed by DNV Business Assurance B.V.